About Our Foundation

Our Mission

Gender inequality has always been ubiquitous in Iran but under the Islamic Republic of Iran it took a catastrophic turn. Additionally, the span of childhood was substantially shortened. A 9-year old girl and a 15-year old boy were now considered mature adults and subject to the same justice system as adults. Marriage of 9 year old girls was endorsed by the government and became common practice. A 15 year old boy could be placed behind bars for murder charges and re-tried at 18 and swiftly executed if the judge, juror and prosecutor who is always the same person under Sharia law deemed the child guilty.

Our History

Summer of 1993 marks the first time there was a conscious movement in Iran in relation to children’s rights. Triggered by the Articles generated by the United Nations Conventions for the Rights of the Child (CRC), a diverse group of people including parents, teachers, reporters and lawyers gathered in collaboration with Unicef to discuss ways to initiate child advocacy. Over time, this group emerged as a non-governmental organization interested in ensuring that the Islamic Republic of Iran fulfills its duties as a signatory to United Nation’s 54 articles of conventions on protecting the rights of the child.